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Experiencing Sweetspot with others means that you get to hear many ideas and experiences, such as ways of saving time or improving productivity. Sweetshops can be delivered either to teams who work together, or to groups from different organisations. A great benefits is to experience ’Sweetswaps’ - where people provide solutions, or take away tasks from each other, in real time.

Sweetshops are fun and colourful, to put everyone in the right mindset to make changes in life, and are delivered by our expert, certified coaches. Sweetshops last between 45 mins and 1hr 30 mins, and can be done virtually or in-person.

Either way, you will come away with a clear plan of action to make real, positive changes in your life, and you will have your thinking changed. We have a ‘100x club’, for those who identify 100x more time saving than the time put into the exercise. There’s a new member almost every time. We have found that, on average, people find time savings of at least 20-30 hours per month, from this 1 hour workshop.

One thing we always hear is “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

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    Our Sweetshops

    A typical sweetshop will go through the following in detail:

    What is Sweetspot and how will you benefit?

    How can we make the claim of 120x ROI on time invested? Because it really happens. It is the story of a CEO (detailed in Chapter 3) who invested 20 minutes in Sweetspot, and found 5 full 8-hour days that month to reinvest in high value activities he loved. His story is not unique. To kick start our session we will explain what Sweetspot is and how it works.


    Sweetspot is a perfect activity for using and developing coaching skills. There is a double benefit here – Sweetspot is an opportunity to improve coaching skills, and using coaching will help you to get more from the exercise. At sweetshops we teach you how to use coaching skills and techniques with Sweetspot, including effective coaching questions that work.


    Exercise 1 – What’s your Sweetspot?

    Time to get involved and find out what your Sweetspot activities are. Your Sweetspot is those few things you do you’re great at, enjoy doing and have a significant impact on your life and in the world.

    Exercise 2 – What’s getting in the way?

    Once you have identified your Sweetspot activities, we can look at the types of activities getting in the way, the 3Ds as we call them – drains, disasters and distractions. We will explain what each of these looks like, and help you identify the activities that should sit in these sections. Successful people are engaged in a journey of constantly moving towards the top right-hand corner, that is how we make progress.

    Exercise 3 – Reduce and eliminate

    Now you’ve listed out the activities you’d like to reduce or eliminate, it’s time to think about how to go about it. There are 4 solutions for reducing, or eliminating altogether, time spent in the activities in your 3-D list; these are easily remembered by the acronym SODA:

    • Stop
    • Outsource
    • Delegate
    • Automate

    Exercise 4 – Actions you can take

    Now you’ve identified what can be reduced or eliminated, you’re going to be in the enviable situation of having time to spend. What will you do with it? This is an important step, and if you get it wrong, it’s possible to end up exactly where you started, having made no progress towards your Sweetspot.

    Using Sweetspot with your team

    The roots of Sweetspot lie with entrepreneurs, using it to guide their own professional development, and that of their teams. As Sweetspot has evolved, it has been discovered to be valuable not just to teams in high-growth businesses, but to many situations, such as large companies, charities, and families. Groups working together on Sweetspot can unlock great opportunities and benefits from it.

    “The strategies outlined in Sweetspot are critical tools for any executive that wants to leverage their most finite resource…. TIME! Andy has a brilliant ability to breakthrough complex challenges and teaches his readers a simple and easy to implement strategy that will essentially give you more time to do what you love and what the world needs you to do. Stop wasting your most valuable resource, read this book now!”
    Barrett Ersek Serial entrepreneur and speaker on innovation – Holganix, CEO Founder, Pennsylvania
    “Sweetspot is one of the smartest tools I have come across in a long time. It’s relevant not just to CEO’s and entrepreneurs, but also to their teams, and anyone who wants to get on in life. Excellent tool, thoroughly recommended”
    Elliot Jacobs CEO, UOE Retail, London
    “Sweetspot workshops tend to be a favourite among our clients. It helps teams both connect on what their Sweetspot activities are and also provides coaching methods to transform these exercises into habits that stick”
    Julie Mitchell CEO, Parcel Design, Toronto
    ``Doing the Sweetspot exercise saved me 100+ hours a month, which I can use to do what I love.``
    Wouter Blom CEO, Stramark.nl, Amsterdam