Sweetspot proved so popular with the teams we work with, and so many wonderful stories emerged, that we had to combine it all into one small but beautiful book.

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Discover the Sweetspot Book

The book takes less than an hour to read and takes you through everything you need to know to get the most out of the exercise, and the Sweetspot Mindset. It shares stories from real people using Sweetspot and is peppered with examples to relate to and draw inspiration from. The returns these small investments can be phenomenal, in the book we share the story of a CEO who enjoyed over 100x ROI on time invested in one Sweetspot coaching session.

Sweetspot has been used with leaders and teams, at thousands of companies around the world, and it’s growing every day. The book also teaches you about coaching, so that you and a friend or co-worker can coach each other through the exercise.

Sweetspot - Feel stronger engagement and enthusiasm | Get better results | Earn more

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What's inside

ThirdWay Group are one of the fastest-growing businesses in the UK. Led by visionary CEO Ben Gillam, their origins are in designing and fitting out of offices, and they are now moving to dominate the whole real estate services industry, in one of the worlds’ most competitive property markets.

They can maintain this growth because everyone in their team is in their Sweetspot – doing what they’re great at, what they love, and that’s of high value. They are one of many teams around the world that regularly use the Sweetspot® exercise to remove what’s getting in the way of each person doing what they’re best at.

For the 200 team members at Third Way, Sweetspot is more than just an exercise, it’s become a way of thinking. You will often hear them say ‘If it’s not in your Sweetspot, don’t do it’. Turning the exercise into a regular habit has helped them avoid taking on tasks that are not a good fit for them in the first place.

This is what this book will do for you. Start it in order to learn a new exercise, and come away from it with a new mindset, a new way of thinking about your time, how you value it, and what you say ‘yes’ and ‘No’ to in life.

May it bring you passion, success, and reconnect you with what you do best,

Andy Clayton, Oxford, Feb 2020

Introduction. Get >100x ROI on your time.

  • Get >100x ROI on your time
  • Focus on what you do best
  • Change your thinking
  • Who is Sweetspot for and how to use this book?
  • How to benefit from Sweetspot
  • Further resources

Chapter 1. Finding your Sweetspot.

  • Defining your Sweetspot
  • How your Sweetspot changes over time
  • The secret to success
  • Exercise 1. Finding my Sweetspot.

Chapter 2. The 3 Ds – what gets in the way of your Sweetspot.

  • How to reach your Sweetspot
  • The 3D’s – Distractions, Drains, and Disasters
  • Help finding your 3D’s
  • Exercise 2. What’s taking up my time and energy?

Chapter 3. SODA. The 4 solutions for saving time.

  • Reduction and Elimination. SODA.
  • Stop – Outsource – Delegate – Automate
  • Exercise 3. What can I eliminate or reduce?

Chapter 4. Overcoming the 6 Points of Resistance.

  • I can’t find my Sweetspot!
  • How much? Money.
  • I have to do it?
  • How could anyone want to do this?
  • No-one can do it like me
  • Do I really want to spend time in my Sweetspot?
  • Overcoming resistance

Chapter 5. Using the time saved – moving towards my Sweetspot.

  • Business as Usual vs. Change
  • Depends on who you are
  • Moving towards your Sweetspot
  • Exercise 4. Actions to take me towards my Sweetspot.

Chapter 6. Coaching to get the most out of Sweetspot

  • Benefits of coaching
  • How to coach
  • Coaching questions
  • Exercise 5. Working with a coaching partner.
  • Accountability check-ins

Chapter 7. Changing thinking. The Sweetspot Mindset.

  • Making it a habit
  • Mindset:
    • Setting boundaries
    • Productivity in the 21st Century
    • Teach others
    • Are we nearly there yet?

Chapter 8. Using Sweetspot with a team.

  • Benefits of using Sweetspot with a team
  • Exercise 6. Sweetspot team exercises.
  • Sweetspot conversations as a manager
  • Sharing your Sweetspot with the team
  • Sweetspot and career planning
  • Sweetspot and recruitment

Andy Clayton

Andy leads Petra Coach Europe, the UK’s leading Scaling Up coaching company, helping entrepreneurs and high-growth companies to develop and deliver high-growth strategies.

Prior to this, Andy was a successful entrepreneur, founding, growing and selling LNP China, the UK’s largest China Operations outsourcing agency, helping Western companies to operate over £50m of sales in China.

Andy is a long-time member of EO – the Entrepreneurs Organisation – the worlds’ #1 tribe of entrepreneurs, where he leads some of the top global training programs.

Oxford-educated, Andy lives in Oxford with his wife and children, and enjoys distance running, and supporting autistic causes.

Sweetspot - Andy Clayton - Feel stronger engagement and enthusiasm | Get better results | Earn more
“The strategies outlined in Sweetspot are critical tools for any executive that wants to leverage their most finite resource…. TIME! Andy has a brilliant ability to breakthrough complex challenges and teaches his readers a simple and easy to implement strategy that will essentially give you more time to do what you love and what the world needs you to do. Stop wasting your most valuable resource, read this book now!”
Barrett Ersek Serial entrepreneur and speaker on innovation – Holganix, CEO Founder, Pennsylvania
“Sweetspot is one of the smartest tools I have come across in a long time. It’s relevant not just to CEO’s and entrepreneurs, but also to their teams, and anyone who wants to get on in life. Excellent tool, thoroughly recommended”
Elliot Jacobs CEO, UOE Retail, London
“Sweetspot workshops tend to be a favourite among our clients. It helps teams both connect on what their Sweetspot activities are and also provides coaching methods to transform these exercises into habits that stick”
Julie Mitchell CEO, Parcel Design, Toronto
``Doing the Sweetspot exercise saved me 100+ hours a month, which I can use to do what I love.``
Wouter Blom CEO, Stramark.nl, Amsterdam